Qihui Chen's Thousands Armed KannonI took this photo in my residence at Queen’s University. In the photo, there is a figure of Thousands Armed Kannon who is one of famous bodhisattvas in China. It has eleven faces, which represent the eleven Buddhas and a thousand arms, which represents thousands of Chakravartin. The figure has a thousand hands that hold different items, each item holding a different meaning. For example, the hand that is holding a willow twig represents saving people from suffering, the hand holding a bottle refers to harmonious relationships among family members; the hand holding a sword represents defeating all evil power and enemies. I took this figure with me from my homeland China to Canada and put it in my residence because I believe in Buddhism and I also believe that the Thousand Armed Kannon can protect me. In Buddhism, every person has their own protector, similarly to the angel in western culture. To be a Buddhist, I believe that Thousand Armed Kannon has great power to save people from suffering. From my perspective, the Thousand Armed Kannon has a thousand eyes to see peoples’ sufferings, and thousands arms to fulfil aspects of life such as wisdom, emotion, health and so on. The combination of cognition and completeness forms a great power. And this is also the reason why I’m interested in it.

Contributor Biography: Qihui Chen

I am a first year student in Arts and Science in Queen’s University. I enjoy sports such as swimming, diving, jogging, tennis and so on. I am enthusiastic and patient. To be a Buddhist, I want to pass positive energy to everyone surrounding me. My belief is that people should live in a positive, happy and moral way.