The fourth issue (Volume 1, Issue 4) was published March 18, 2016, featuring nine photograph and column pieces concerning the theme Objects: The Personal and The Powerful, and an editorial by one guest editor Ian Alexander Cuthbertson. All Issue 1.4 submissions can be found below, listed alphabetically by contributor’s name after the editorial.

  1. Issue 1.4 Editorial: Objects: The Personal and The Powerful by guest editor Ian Alexander Cuthbertson (Editorial)
  2. Nigel Barnim’s Toy (Photo & Object)
  3. Qihui Chen’s Thousands Armed Kannon (Photo & Object)
  4. Jeremy Cohen’s Pew and Wheelchair (Photo & Object)
  5. Sarah Gagne’s Pen (Photo & Object)
  6. Joei Lyn-Piluso’s Artifact or Ancestor? (Photo & Essay)
  7. Vanessa Miraples’ Every Object Has a Story: The Vairocana Buddha by Vanessa R. Miraples (Photo & Essay)
  8. Seerat Kaur Dhillon’s Kara (Photo & Object)
  9. Thamina Jaferi’s Alam (Photo & Object)
  10. Valeria Vergani’s Leather Bracelet