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The following pages will allow you to submit work to The Elements Experiment.

General Submission Information

What are the elements that make up our shared spaces? The Elements Experiment calls young students, artists, activists, practitioners, journalists and other creators to think together about religion, the secular, and public spaces.

We invite you to submit your own work—writing, art, interviews, videos, songs, poetry—on the issues of religion, the secular, diversity, citizenship, or pluralism.  Additionally, we recognize the need to publish work in a peer-reviewed publication, and so all submissions will go through a peer review process, facilitated by a committee of university students and professors. Our goal is not to exclude certain works, but rather, to legitimize the very valuable work being created by young people around the country.

By submitting to The Elements Experiment online space you are helping to create a shared intellectual sphere where art, academics, professional experience, personal experience, journalistic writing and creative writing, all engage one another in a new way. With this experiment, we are asking the following question: what might happen if we could put aside the project of shaping our knowledge and language for a single discipline, and instead expanded ourselves to engage with diverse ways of knowing and communicating? Our online space will display six publications bimonthly, with some work engaging with that issue’s theme, and some engaging with larger themes of religion, the secular, and public spaces.

Work can be submitted on an ongoing basis, or can be submitted based on themed issues. Information on how to submit and other details are available in the guidelines document.

For further information, please contact Meaghan Weatherdon at:

We look forward to receiving your submissions.

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