The inaugural issue (Volume 1, Issue 1) was published May 29th, 2014, featuring five submissions covering a wide range of topics, and an editorial by The Elements Experiment co-founders. All Issue 1.1 submissions can be found below, listed alphabetically by contributor’s name after the editorial.

  1. Inaugural Edition Editorial: A statement from two people to a much larger community by Ayesha Valliani & Judith Ellen Brunton (Editorial)
  2. The Stories We Choose to Live Into by Elyse Brazel (Video)
  3. Dust To Dust by Heather Khey Beldman (Artwork)
  4. Sovereignty, Self-Determination and Secularism: An Argument Against the Quebec Charter of Values by Amrita Kumar-Ratta (Writing, Academic)
  5. 342 Iphone by Aaron G. Rotenberg (Video)