The second issue (Volume 1, Issue 2) was published August 11th, 2014, featuring five submissions concerning the theme Journeys, Lessons, and Illuminations, and an editorial by one of The Elements Experiment Co-Founders and the Managing Editor. All Issue 1.2 submissions can be found below, listed alphabetically by contributor’s name after the editorial.

  1. Issue 1.2 Editorial: Journeys, Lessons, and Illuminations by Ayesha Valliani and Meaghan Weatherdon (Editorial)
  2. Conceptions of Justice and Respect in Moral Education by Wing Yu Alice Chan (Writing, Academic)
  3. Finding Religion by Ian Alexander Cuthbertson (Writing, Editorial)
  4. Untitled by Steph Perrin (Artistic)
  5. Chesed/Gevurah by Aaron G. Rotenberg (Video)
  6. Teaching Between the Lines: The Space Between Teacher Neutrality and Teacher Identity By Arzina Zaver (Writing, Academic)